40 degrees in Feb. = we think it’s summer.

When we get the first little warm up here, we go nuts! Honestly..the tiniest hint of spring weather gives Minnesotans so much energy! It hit 40 degrees and we were up for a drive to see some friends to put some meat on the grill. I love this photo of Kara, Lucy, Liv and pups strolling up their pine lined driveway.

February 20, at the Hepps-0003Canon 6D    //     50mm 1.4     //      f/2.8   |   1/160   |   ISO 200

February 20, at the Hepps-9962

February 20, at the Hepps-0030

February 20, at the Hepps-0090February 20, at the Hepps-0076February 20, at the Hepps-0093February 20, at the Hepps-0092February 20, at the Hepps-0085February 20, at the Hepps-0083February 20, at the Hepps-0095

Laugh, cry, sleep, play…it’s what we do all day.

Is it mean that I think this crying picture of Lily is so funny!?!?  She was all smiles as soon as I gave her a toy; in the mean time, I took full advantage of her loud emotions and the fact that she can’t move anywhere yet (but not for long).

Our friend Elsie will soon get used to my “camera-in-the-face” kind of play time, they had fun acting out my directions of “show me your silly face…sad face…”. Surprisingly, all their butts stayed there for like two full minutes! It might have had something to do with the fact that they were each promised a gummy bear at the end of our little photo-shoot.

February 17, chill morning, Lucy bday, Lily, Elsie, Milly-9953February 17, chill morning, Lucy bday, Lily, Elsie, Milly-9908

February 17, chill morning, Lucy bday, Lily, Elsie, Milly-9905February 17, chill morning, Lucy bday, Lily, Elsie, Milly-9898February 17, chill morning, Lucy bday, Lily, Elsie, Milly-9894February 17, chill morning, Lucy bday, Lily, Elsie, Milly-9892February 17, chill morning, Lucy bday, Lily, Elsie, Milly-9889February 17, chill morning, Lucy bday, Lily, Elsie, Milly-9888February 17, chill morning, Lucy bday, Lily, Elsie, Milly-9886February 17, chill morning, Lucy bday, Lily, Elsie, Milly-9848oh!…and drool….
February 17, chill morning, Lucy bday, Lily, Elsie, Milly-9846

Morning Sun.

The morning sun blazed through the window and made some dramatic shapes on the floor; so I plopped Lily down and jumped up on my countertop (for some) to shoot the effect.

Canon 6D   //    50mm 1.4    //    f/5.6, 1/500, ISO 1000
February 17, chill morning, Lucy bday, Lily, Elsie, Milly-8089February 17, chill morning, Lucy bday, Lily, Elsie, Milly-8044February 17, chill morning, Lucy bday, Lily, Elsie, Milly-8014February 17, chill morning, Lucy bday, Lily, Elsie, Milly-8059February 17, chill morning, Lucy bday, Lily, Elsie, Milly-8026

oh Baby! Natural Light Baby Photography, S. Paul, Mn/Hudson Wi.

Our little Lily is almost 7 months old already! I continue to slowing collect photography gear and when I do, my kiddos are my models! I got a couple backdrops and cute blue bonnet from another photographer! This white snowsuit is a new “hand-me-down”!

SET UP: I set up the area in front of our sliding class door. Opposite the door, I hung a white sheet to act as a reflector/fill light. Then hung the visible backdrop and laid down the faux wood floor on the floor. I recently got two sets of pole stands and clamps to hold my background and reflector (before I was just using a chair to drape things over, that limited the space I could use. And I find that when the reflector is covering a larger space, I like the images better).

When I first started setting up studio space in front of my sliding glass door, I placed it too close to the window. This time, I had Lily sit about 3-4 feet back from the window. This made light source spread out more and look softer on the subject.

1/500, f/1.6, ISO 1000

Lily 7 months-7937Lily 7 months-7935Lily 7 months-7931Lily 7 months-7927Lily 7 months-7926Lily 7 months-7913Lily 7 months-7910Lily 7 months-7907Lily 7 months-7906Lily 7 months-7879Lily 7 months-7868Lily 7 months-7863Lily 7 months-7861Lily 7 months-7848Lily 7 months-7825Lily 7 months-7822Lily 7 months-7815Lily 7 months-7936

St. Paul \\ Hudson, WI Motherhood Photographer

Educating myself (via google-blogs-youtube…hehe) has been one of my top goals for the last year. I want to be a sponge and soak anything and everything in. Last week I was THRILLED to be able to spend time in a one-on-one mentorship with Crystal’s photography and I learned so much! I am so thankful she was willing to share with me! She put together a shoot for us in her studio; here a some of the images I was able to get!

My next attempt will be to set up a mini studio (with natural light) in my house!

Mentorship, Leah Motherhood-5799Mentorship, Leah Motherhood-5679Mentorship, Leah Motherhood-5702Mentorship, Leah Motherhood-5681Mentorship, Leah Motherhood-5737Mentorship, Leah Motherhood-5559Mentorship, Leah Motherhood-5512Mentorship, Leah Motherhood-5818Mentorship, Leah Motherhood-5772Mentorship, Leah Motherhood-5729Mentorship, Leah Motherhood-5640Mentorship, Leah Motherhood-5727Mentorship, Leah Motherhood-5530Mentorship, Leah Motherhood-5797Mentorship, Leah Motherhood-5581Mentorship, Leah Motherhood-5538Mentorship, Leah Motherhood-5758Mentorship, Leah Motherhood-5663Mentorship, Leah Motherhood-5572Mentorship, Leah Motherhood-5689Mentorship, Leah Motherhood-5609Mentorship, Leah Motherhood-5458Mentorship, Leah Motherhood-5467Mentorship, Leah Motherhood-5433Mentorship, Leah Motherhood-5795Mentorship, Leah Motherhood-5548Mentorship, Leah Motherhood-5667

Little babe in a BIG bed.

We recently got a new KING sized bed (best thing EVER!!) and a new fluffy white king sized bed set (I know, risky with a dog, toddler and baby…we will see how long until it takes until it turns to some form of dingy “white”.) I couldn’t resist, white just feels so fresh, crisp, clean and luxurious! Anywho….here is tiny Lily smack dab in the center of her king…

Canon 6D    |    50mm f/1.4     |   800 ISO, 1/100, f/1.4
December 18, 2015, LILY SLEEPING IN KIND BED-3479.jpg